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Contest 01: Write A Unique Article To Win The Contest


Write a unique article to win the contest! It’s an opportunity to show off your creativity, skills and the power of knowledge. Write a unique article of around 400 words, share it on social media (especially Facebook). Use our given hashtag. Finally, win the contest and get rewarded!

On this July 2021, we are going to arrange a contest for our well-wishers. It’s a simple process to participate. Follow the rules and regulations and get rewarded as a winner.

Participation Process:

  • Participants must LIKE cornQ FACEBOOK PAGE.
  • WRITE an article with a minimum of 400 WORDS in English or Bengali.
  • SHARE it with your FACEBOOK PROFILE.
  • USE the HASHTAG #ContestbycornQ under the article.
  • SUBMIT the article URL on the comment section of our FACEBOOK POST.

Rules Must Be Followed:

  • The article must be own written. Otherwise, it’ll be counted as disqualified.
  • The post must be PUBLIC.

Article Topics:

  • Latest Technologies
  • Future Technologies

Examples: AI, 5G, 6G, Edge Computing, IoB, Quantum Computing, Blockchain, Cybersecurity, Human Augmentation, IoT and there are so many topics that can be found.

Instruction To Write A Unique Article:

The article must be written on the knowledge base. The tutorial, review articles won’t be allowed.

Last Date Of Participation:

30 July 2021

Winning Prize:

We’ll provide .XYZ domain for FREE for 1 year to the top 5 participants.

The more you get engagement to your post, the more chance to win the contest. Every participant will get a special discount coupon to subscribe to our package.

We’ll also feature the best articles on our BLOG.

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